What do you do when your kid is so angry that he knocks over the neighbor’s sapling, and then feels so bad about it that he thinks the right thing to do is to kill himself in front of the neighbors?

You do your best to remain calm, and tell him that what he did was not acceptable, but that nobody wants him to die, and in fact it is the last thing anybody wants.

And then you make yourself an extra-stiff drink.

But before you drink, you make a mental note to tell the psychiatrist that the MEDS ARE NOT WORKING!


  1. ryanlrussell said: Crap, sorry! At least mine only broke our own tree. :(
  2. lessthansociallyept said: Oh, honey. I don’t really know what to say. I think you handled it as well as anyone could. Hugs for you and your boy.
  3. spaghettihustler said: Get him to do something for them that they’ll appreciate. Hopefully that will help him.
  4. nicknameless said: Maybe if you helped him make it up to the neighbors by getting a new tree and having him help plant it? Showing him how to handle those “I fucked up - now what” emotions might help him in the long run. I’m no expert, but it’s just a thought.
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