I realize I talk about Son A quite a bit here.

When he’s having a bad, anxiety-filled day, I take it on as well.

But I wonder if it’s just because I come from a long line of worriers.

There are all kinds of kids with all kinds of issues. My boy is not the only kid in the world with “issues.”

Parents: Do you worry about your children and much as I do? If so, how do you deal with it?


  1. ryanlrussell said: My wife worries. I spend a lot of time angry.
  2. sunnybucket said: Booze and a healthy dose of denial.
  3. biscuit-tornado said: Cymbalta; failing that, denial.
  4. spaghettihustler said: All the damn time! I try to keep myself busy to get my mind off of it constantly.
  5. charlinye answered: I try not to, I hope for the best. Also I have to trust they’ll be ok.
  6. junecleaverish said: I worry to the point of OCD intrusive thoughts. I’m no help. But you’re a good mommy.
  7. apricotica said: I worry about my kid nonstop. I talk my husband’s ears right off about it. And then Jess gets the overflow.
  8. isemancometh answered: Yes, I guess I just tuck it away and hide it like you are supposed to do with feelings
  9. yellowcakeuranium said: Let me ask you this… what can you do? How can you prepare him? How can you stop bad things from happening?? The only thing you can do is try to prepare them and hope for the best. I worry about my oldest, but know he’ll be fine if I don’t overworry
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