Is there a term for when you’re a hypochondriac for other people’s symptoms?

I’ll admit that hypochondria comes naturally to the anxious person writing this post.

When I was pregnant (and even before then, when I was trying to get pregnant), I self-diagnosed myself with every possible ailment, syndrome, spectrum, etc.

But how do you know if you’re really a hypochondriac or if you’re experiencing acute intuition?

Also, this has to do with trust (or lack thereof).

I feel like my son’s doctors are missing something. I’m afraid they’re diagnosing him incorrectly. But on what basis can I make that claim? I’m not a doctor. I only know what I read on the Internet.

What I do know - with complete certainty - is that nothing seems to be working (and YES I’m impatient), but he seems to be regressing and exhibiting symptoms that we thought were long-gone.

Once again, he’s licking everything in sight. Is this OCD? ADHD? Tourette’s? Sensory Processing Disorder? All of the above?

It would be so much easier to deal with this if I just knew for sure what was going on.

Uncertainty and I are mortal enemies.


  1. spaghettihustler said: Get another opinion? I know how hard it can be. Hang in there.
  2. charlinye said: I sent you a message. I went through this for years with dr’s. It’s awful. I had a great one who figured it all out until insurance made us change. I have an incredible dr that’s well known/well regarded that really helps me now. Sometimes you need to try another dr/opinion.
  3. mrzstargazzer said: As a Mom I can tell you there is nothing like a mothers intuition. Always always always trust your gut feeling. Get 50 opinions if necessary but don’t stop until u feel you’ve gotten to the bottom of it.
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